Domain Dispute Services

Domain Dispute Assessment

There are several available options in settling a potential domain name dispute. For a low flat-fee, a domain dispute attorney will thoroughly review your domain dispute matter and address various solutions which may be available to you. 

The assessment will include detailed research on the domain name's history, how the domain name is currently being used, any available information on the current holder of the domain, and conclude with a recommended course of action to accomplish your goals and objectives. 

Flat-fee of $500 includes: 

- Assessment drafted on attorney letterhead 

- Telephone or in-person consultation

- Half of the flat-fee can be applied to future legal services

File a Domain Dispute Complaint

The Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy, regulated by ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), is a global policy that virtually all domain registrars and hosting companies must follow. The policy serves as a mechanism through which trademark holders can compel the transfer of a domain name that is being held in bad faith. If someone is holding onto a domain name that infringes on your Federal trademark rights, filing a UDRP is very likely the fastest and most cost-effective way to take control of that domain name. 

 Flat-fee of $1750 includes: 

- Drafting UDRP complaint

- Filing UDRP complaint with ICANN

- Monitoring UDRP complaint through conclusion

Domain Defense

The UDRP process is a binding arbitration process in which there is a claimant and a respondent. If someone has filed a UDRP complaint against you, we can review the complaint and provide you with guidance and defense to protect your website from being cancelled, suspended, or transferred to the claimant.

File a Federal Trademark

Need a Federal Trademark? Our firm has successfully filed over 150 trademarks since 2015. For more information on our firm's trademark practice see here.

Send Out a Cease & Desist Letter

If someone else is holding onto a domain name that is confusingly similar to yours or infringes on your trademark, a lawsuit or a UDRP may not be the best first step to take. We can contact the holder of the domain name on your behalf and try to find a quick solution to your domain name dispute.

Become Master of Your Domain

If you're interested in retaining our firm for one or more of these services, or you want to learn more about domain name disputes, schedule a free consultation